JSGameLib is a jQuery Plugin that adds ‘game’ functionality to jQuery.  Simple things like collision detection, keyboard movement (WASD, Arrows, Etc).

Currently, it is in an extremely early state and only supports a basic amount of stuff, however it will eventually be able to do quite a bit more, such as create ‘patterned movement’ for ‘flying objects’ as well as add a few extra ‘events’ such as ‘off screen’, etc.

Collision detection is currently handled by setting a manual interval, or polling for the detection when you want to know … and passing in a function handler if collision is true.  You can check collision against a number of objects, any valid jQuery Selector to be exact:

[js]$(‘.badguys’).collision(‘.goodguys’, function(bad,good) {
good.score(-100); // subtract 100 from the score, and remove the bad guy who collided with the good guy

In this example, we pass ‘bad’ and ‘good’ to the ‘true’ handler, and the handler is called once for each ‘bad’ element that collides with a ‘good’ element … and the two elements in question are passed in.

An example of the collision detection and keyboard movement can be seen here:


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