New Look, New Posts … and some updates for WP-MVC on GitHub

I haven’t written on here in quite some time (almost 3 years), and have decided to try and pick it back up and start writing about some of my more up to date projects, tech rants, and what have you.

I’ve recently started learning Ruby on Rails, and have become way more familiar with WordPress than I ever expected to. I’m hoping to take all of these newer experiences and put them down here in hopes that someone may be able to save themselves a little bit of trouble.

One of my more recent projects is using an out dated WordPress plugin called WP-MVC, which at first glance looks appealing (especially with my Symfony, CakePHP, RoR, iOS, OS X and ASP.NET MVC experience). Problem is, first glances don’t launch a product into production. I forked the official project on GitHub this afternoon and have started taking a stab at fixing up some of it’s downfalls.

For example, out of the box, the HtmlHelper does not support passing anything other than the controller, action and a ModelObject to generate standard CRUD-like URL’s such as /{:controller}/{:action}/{:id} but this is not always sufficient. Most libraries/frameworks I’ve worked with in the past supported passing additional parameters which were then converted into query string parameters automatically if they did not match any of the named parameters within a route.  I pushed some commits up to GitHub this afternoon that extend the MvcRouter::public_url() method to support this.

I also pulled some changes from another user who forked the project and made some bug fixes and enhancements, merging things together.  In addition, I corrected some deprecated errors where WP-MVC had things like $obj =& new Class().

1 comment for “New Look, New Posts … and some updates for WP-MVC on GitHub

  1. Milton
    March 9, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    Hello David,

    I wish you luck in your endeavor to re-ignite wp-mvc. Recently I also found this framework and started to try to use it for a small project that I had. However, after spending some time with it, I found a few things that I could not get to work so I abandoned the mvc approach because I had to deliver one way or other. I wish I had some suggestions or advice to give you but I’m a total rookie. I used to program many many years ago when Pascal and Delphi where been used but all this web programming, WordPress, MVC, etc. is fairly unknown to me. However I have decided that I wanted to get into it and train myself so I will be following your progress to see if I can learn something.


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