Kid Challenge: Step 1

So, I was thinking earlier today … and, decided to challenge my 10-year old nephew.  The challenge is as follows:

He is tasked with creating an educational video game for Kindergarten and First Graders, to teach simple math skills.

The rules are quite simple, he has to design the concept on his own (he’s allowed to ask for opinions, and receive guidance on the educational aspect).  He then has to build this video game with any tools available.  I bought him a copy of “The Game Makers Apprentice” sometime last year, and he has his own Game Maker license.  So, more than likely, he’ll be building it with YoYo Game’s Game Maker software.

What does he get if he completes the challenge, successfully? Well, he receives a $100 ‘prize’ for completing the game and … we’ll build a web site together in which we can market the game to parents and sell it for a small fee (probably something like $9.95 … ).

So … if he keeps his interest in this challenge, and does anything with it … I’ll keep track of his progress here.

Anyone whose interested in knowing me, drop a comment … I’m sure the attention will just add incentive.

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