A pearl of wisdom, in a vast sea of writings…

I was digging through some messages this morning, trying to keep as up to date with my various Google Groups and Betas as I could, and ran across a post by the author of if {…} then {…} and dug through the blog, and found a handful of good readings.  The most notable of them is the ‘Loading Screen Example‘ which is useful in general, and with Cocos2D specifically.

I read through the example code, and learned a new trick … that little spinning ‘gear’ that Apple has made so popular for the ‘twiddle your thumbs for a while’ moments in life … is easily accessible with iPhone development, just by using the UIActivityIndicatorViewto display it.

It has startAnimating, stop Animating and isAnimating calls available … and runs on it’s own thread, so when you have code that is going to ‘stop everything’ for a moment, you can splash this up on the screen … and make people ‘feel better about themselves while they wait’.  We all love a useless gear that tells us … ‘everything is working as expected, just hold your horses and be patient’.

So, I thank the author of if {…} then {…} for showing me something new on Sunday morning.

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  1. June 1, 2009 at 3:39 am

    Thanks a lot :)

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