Stockboy Stanley in Warehouse Trouble Released!

Stockboy Stanley in Warehouse Trouble has been officially released on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The game is an addicting puzzle strategy with a bit of a platformer spin on it.  Stanley, the main character, is trapped in a stock crate pit and the crate stacker has gone bezerk.  Stanley must guide the crate stacker to get crates stacked in such a manner so that Stanley can climb out of the pit to safety.  As Stanley progresses, the crates fall faster and faster.

Great fun for all ages, easy to use controls, simple enough concept that you don’t need to “learn how to play”, but for those of you who love the strategy, there’s always a better way to get out faster and go further.

Released by Gear Worx Productions, and developed by me, David Higgins.  Art is completely by Steve Adamson, with a wicked custom sound track by

Check out the Stockboy Stanley homepage and view the gameplay trailer.

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