Slug Bug by AxoStudios Released!

Slug Bug, one of the hottest new games in the iTunes App Store was recently released.  Slug Bug is a classic retro remake of Frogger, and was executed in such a clean way, it just makes you want to pull out the Atari and hop your frog across that treacherous road.

The creators of Slug Bug took some creative freedom from the classic Frogger and replaced the frog with a cute lady bug.  The artwork is done quite well, and sticks to the classic ‘8-bit’ feel. To move around, all you have to do is slide your finger in the direction you want the lady bug to move and … it moves.  The games simple, can be played with a single finger, and has Easy, Medium and Hard complexity levels for those gamers who like to be challenged, or just want to have a quick bit of silly fun while waiting in line at the grocery store.

I installed Slug Bug on my iPod Touch and then had to step out for an appointment, while in the lobby waiting… Slug Bug kept me entertained.

Slug Bug was developed by AxoStudios, a division of Axosoft. Axosoft has been a leader in Project Management and Bug Tracking software for quite some time, and it would seem they are now attempting to tackle the mobile gaming arena.  If they continue releasing games of Slug Bug’s quality and entertainment value, they will undoubtedly become leaders in mobile gaming as well.

Below, you can see the Slug Bug Title Screen, and one of the Slug Bug levels in action.

Title Screen for Slug Bug

Title Screen for Slug Bug

A Level from Slug Bug

A Level from Slug Bug

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  1. January 26, 2010 at 10:24 am

    I would call it Frogger. :o)

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