jQuery Growl 1.0.0-b3 Released

I just released the latest beta of jQuery Growl, adding in the new noticeDisplay/noticeRemove features.  I updated the jQuery Plugin Project page and uploaded the latest ‘beta 3’ to release it to the general public.

This release is rather minor, and only really provides a small bug fix and introduces the ability to override noticeDisplay() so that you can have your own custom animations and effects to display your notice.

Enjoy and let me know if you experience any problems with it, or have any updates that are within the ‘growl scope’ (I’ve been asked by a few people to make updates/changes to the Growl Plugin which I decided not to implement due to the lack of ‘Growlness’ in the requests.  Please refer to the official Growl homepage and experiment with the actual application before asking for feature updates, thanks.).

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