Website Experiment – Bartender’s Database

I’ve decided that I wanted to work on something rather simple, that had the potential to bring in some (not a lot, just some) Ad revenue.  I use the AdBrite ad system, as opposed to Google, largely because they pay per impression and not just clicks.  I don’t expect very many people to click the ads found on any of my sites — the adwords are poorly targetted due to the scattered content found on my sites, and the various topics I discuss.  So, I just go for the ‘pay by impression’ model of ad revenue.  If it helps pay for the hosting, thats good enough.

So, onto my experiment … I’ve decided to build a Recipe Database system using CakePHP 1.2, and am targetting Alcoholic beverages as my first set of targetted content.  The recipe database framework is built on CakePHP and is being built in such a way as to allow me to extend it or derive from it later to include things such as Foods, and even Arts and Crafts instructions (Arts and Crafts really are just recipes, with quite a bit of instruction — a list of ‘ingredients’ and amounts of each, followed by instructions).

So, without furher ado (did I really just type that?) … I would like to announce the creation of  So far, it’s fairly simple and straight forward and has almost no recipes in it — I’ll get to that in a bit.  It does have the ability to list the recipes by Name, list ingredients and show recipes containing those ingredients and even includes the custom ‘color tag’ so you can search for your drinks based on the end resulting color of the liquid in the glass (Hrm, that sounds a lot like a uhm … oh, nevermind, it’s a holiday).

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