Scheduling Projects

I’m a geek at heart, I love my job (software engineer) and I take my work home with me from time to time.  I love creating ‘work’ for myself at home too, in the form of little projects here and there — most of which you can read about and explore through this blog.  However, my children (I have three) all started school this year, so now I have three children in school.  Kindergarten, First and Second grades – whoa.

Talk about a lot of work, I thought the whole point in school was for the kids to learn, they’ve only been in school for a couple weeks now and I’ve done more school work with my kids then I can remember ever having to do when I was in school myself.  Absolutely insane, but entirely enjoyable to watch them learning and bringing their newfound knowledge home at the end of the day.

Now, onto my topic …

How do you work on personal projects, homework, and still have time to wind down at night and relax with a little TV.  While, at the same time, trying to spend more then an adequate amount of time with your significant other.  It’s a serious juggling act, and I’ve not yet figured out how to solve the problem — I’m anxious and ready to get cranking on some of my newest projects, and a little disappointed at the state of some of my older projects.

I just don’t know where all the ‘extra’ time that I think I need is going to come from.  I will, however, continue to look for that ‘time door’ so I can walk through it and get back to my projects.

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