Inspiration and T-Shirts …

I was helping my mother setup a store and thought to myself, why not.  So, I decided to open my own store and explore the possibilities.  I downloaded a couple of there apparel templates and went at them with a little bit of PhotoShop magic.

I downloaded a couple of interesting fonts that were all listed as ‘free’ or ‘public domain’, thought of a few things I’ve heard or seen that made me laugh, chuckle or ponder ‘why …’ and threw them together on a few t-shirts, hats and mugs.  I opened the store with the basic ‘free’ account, and realized the limitations rather quickly and then opted to go for the paid premium account.  I figure I can run the premium store for a few months, and at the end of that time I’ll know whether or not it’s worth keeping online  — a store that can’t pay for itself, is useless, yes?

So, I’m going to try to keep making new designs and hopefully come up with something that is just so creative and/or entertaining … that hopefully, everyone wants to buy one.  Now, being as I’m a realist … I simply set the money I’m going to pay for the premium store aside and waved good bye to it, but … as with most things, you really never know until you try.

So, here’s to hoping my store pays for itself.

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