jQuery 1.0.4 and jQuery Growl

Per request, I attempted to back-port jQuery Growl to support jQuery 1.0.4 — which is the default version of jQuery shipped with Drupal 5.x (5.4 was the target drupal version).  Unfortunately, after digging around quite a bit, I realized that jQuery 1.0.4 had so many bugs in it that it was impossible for ‘me’ to back-port my Growl implementation without rewriting it from the ground up and essentially relearning jQuery all over again (ignoring everything I know of the 1.2.x releases, and learning ‘old school’ jQuery methods).

This turned out to be so problematic, that I eventually gave up after a few hours.  Some of the things I noticed in jQuery 1.0.4 was the lack of variable checking, ensuring that the variable had a value before attempting to access items within it.  Others were the lack of support for certain CSS properties, etc.

I did, at one point, get a copy of jQuery Growl working with 1.0.4 locally but once I deployed it to my server as version 1.0.0-b2 and tested it on my remote server with the ‘fortune.php’ implementation, it failed to work properly and I was unable to determine the cause of the problem.

So, with that said … I’m so glad that jQuery has matured to the point that it is at now and I hope that it continues to get better and better.  I don’t think I would be so interested in jQuery if I had started using it prior to the 1.2.x releases — buggy frameworks tend to make me walk away, run away in fear in some cases.

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