Javascript Game Library

I am currently in the process of building a ‘Javascript Game Library’, which is being implemented as a simple jQuery plugin. So, with that said, it requires jQuery (1.2.3 to be exact). Currently, it supports very little, but with the limited functionality it has right now, it’s capable of doing quite a bit of interesting things.

You can view a demo of the ‘collision detection’ and ‘keyboard movement’ here:

Or, better yet, you can view a ‘game’ written with the library here:

Anyone familiar with ‘Game Maker’ will most likely notice this game as ‘Evil Clutches’ from ‘The Game Makers Apprentice‘.

Some small notes on the Demo Game:

It does not seem to work in anything other then Firefox currently, and as I do not have a Mac to test with diligently, I will most likely not have Safari support any time soon — JSGameLib seems to work fine in IE, Safari and Firefox … however, the Demo Game has some problems (objects spawn in the wrong place) which is either related to a CSS issue and Firefox is just too forgiving, or it’s related to an issue with jQuery not having access to certain pieces of information at the time the values are being set. Either way, I intend to make it support Safari for Mac and hopefully IE for Windows as well.

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