WordPress Growl … thoughts?

I am currently working on integrating my recently released ‘jQuery Growl‘ with WordPress 2.5, as an administrative plugin.  Allowing a logged in Site Admin (User Level >= 10) to be notified of system messages such as ‘Comment Posted’, ‘User Logged In’, ‘Post Published’, etc … as well as allowing the site administrator to enable the ‘whose looking’ feature which will just log all requests to the site and notify the administrator of every page request …

Now, due to the large number of requests that would be created if this was ‘literally real-time’, I’m thinking of limiting the checks to every 10 seconds (possibly providing an override in the options?) and only retrieving the last 10 notices … if any of them are found in your current ‘notice stack’, then it will ignore it — keeping the internal ‘notice stack’ to 10 items or so.

With that said, I’m curious as to whether or not this is a useless feature, or if people would actually use it :)

So, let me know.

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