Fun with jQuery

I was a bit bored this evening, and was speaking with one of my employers’ web designers earlier about jQuery and some of the ‘cool’ things you can do with it. One of the more interesting things about jQuery, in my opinion, is the ‘animate’ function. Everything else is cool too, don’t get me wrong … “animate” is just one of the ‘cooler’ features, to me.

As I’m not a ‘designer’ or an ‘animator’, I’ve never really played with it too much, despite how much it’s intrigued me all this time. So, with that, I decided to ‘draft’ a quirky little prototype of some jQuery animation magic …

The idea is pretty simple, I have a single H1 tag in my BODY and in $(document).ready() I just grab the .text() and break it out into ‘letter parts’, hide the original H1 and then append the ‘letter parts’ into the DOM and run some animations on them … all while, at the same time, running a generic ‘move the box’ animation-queue.

You can view this ‘Fun with jQuery’ demo here:

If you have any interesting ideas for jQuery animations, let me know … I’d love to see how far this can go …

UPDATE 2008-04-15: (Added ‘jquery.slider.html’ reference)

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