iPhone… as a Desktop Workstation?

I just read over an interesting article from Hamid Shojaee, about a “thought experiement” that he and Angelo Coppola performed recently. The end result, a concept that is most likely not too ‘far fetched’ to actually become reality … sooner then some people might think.

The idea is pretty simple, take an iPhone, ‘dock it’ to a 17″ Monitor ‘base station’, toss a bluetooth keyboard and mouse into the picture … and, Viola!

I don’t believe I can say much about the idea that Hamid or Angelo haven’t already, so, give their articles a read … I’m pretty sure you’ll be picking up your jaw and wiping the drool off your keyboard before you get to the end.

The original articles can be found here:
Hamid  -> iPhone Desktop: Unleash the Leopard in Your Pocket. $299.
Angelo -> Set the Leopard Free

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