TGB Resource: Bitmap Fonts

Ok, so I’ve been on a role in the past 24 hours.  I just released the ‘Easy Edit’ resource, mentioned in a previous post, and have now just released the ‘Bitmap Fonts’ resource earlier this morning.

This latest resource, Bitmap Fonts, allows for the use of Bitmap Fonts in TGB.  What does this mean?  Well, remember the old days where fonts were actually just ’tiles’ in an “image map” and had to be drawn to the screen just like any other graphic?  Well, those fonts were cool, blocky and pixelated, etc, etc — this resource allows you to bring back some of the old, and even mix it with a bit of the new, by creating font images, which are just a series of tiled characters on an image in a specific order.  The resource even allows for multiple fonts to exist in the same image map.

For ‘purty’ screenshots of the resource in action, as well as an example ‘font’ image, read this entire post, or jump over to the GG .plan

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