XMLObject Updates

Ok, I’ve finished some more of the XMLObject code, and now have the following SAX methods implemented as TorqueScript callbacks:

  • onElementStart(%this, %name, %attributes)
  • onElementEnd(%this, %name)
  • onCharacterData(%this, %name, %data) // %name is a reference to the last element started
  • onProcessingInstruction(%this, %target, %data)
  • onComment(%this, %data)
  • onCdataSectionStart(%this)
  • onCdataSectionEnd(%this)
  • onDefault(%this, %data, %len)

Not all of the callbacks have been thoroughly tested, but the following callbacks have been tested and found to be in full working order so far;

OnElementStart, onElementEnd, onCharacterData and onComment.

It looks like I’m getting nearer and nearer to having my saveXml() and loadXml() methods fully functioning, and as seen in my previous post, I’ve already got the makings of a TorqueScript-based object/level loader.

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